Indian Boundary Park. Rockwell (2600W) and Lunt (7000N). Four courts arranged head to toe so that you don't have to chase the balls of people next to you. Good condition. Water available. Reviewed 7-31-01. McFetridge. 3845 N. California. 773-478-0210. 6 indoor courts (and an ice skating rink). Chicago Park District indoor facility. You pay a couple bucks for a registration card, then reserve courts by phone, up to a week in advance. Courts fees are a relative bargain, being about half that of commercial clubs. Court surface: slow, with a coarse-grained surface. Reviewed 7-15-91. California Park. California (2800W) and Grace (3800N). 4 courts. Lights. Water. Nets: wire mesh, good condition. Height(2) 34.5, 35.5 in. Adjusters: eyebolt with special nuts (non-adjustable, except perhaps by park personnel). Surface: slow, medium-grained. Fence: gaps, but balls don't seem to escape too often. These are courts that were just recently rebuilt, so they're in good shape. Reviewed 7-15-91. Revere Park. Byron (3900N) and Campbell (2500W). 4 courts. Resurfaced, renetted June, 2002. No lights. Gaps in fence for ball to escape. Playable. Reviewed 7-15-91. Amended 6-02. North Park College. Kimball (3400W), just south of Foster. 4 nice looking courts, rather new, windscreens. They might ask you for an ID. You can play till then. Reviewed 7-15-91. Brands Park. Elston (near California) and Henderson (3332N). 2 courts. Horner Park. Montrose (4400N) and California (2800W). 4 courts on Montrose and 2 on California. Nets: wire mesh, ragged headbands. No lights. Courts on California are relatively new and slower than the Montrose courts. Fence on Montrose courts has one big gap on the west side. Reviewed 7-15-91. River Park. Francisco (2900W) and Carmen (5100N), or thereabouts. 6? courts. Lights. Green Briar Park. Peterson (6000N) and Talman (2632W). 1 court. Mather Park. Peterson (6000N) and Francisco (2900W). 4 courts. Hollywood Park. Thorndale (5900N) and Christiana (3332W). 1 court.