Emmerson Park. Ridge and Granville (6200N). 2? courts. Winnemac Park. Leavitt (2200W) and Winona (5132N). 4 courts,scattered about track. Nets: wire mesh, ragged headbands. Adjusters: eyebolt, hex nut. Surface: red coating, worn, cracked, medium speed. Fence: OK. No lights. West courts playable. Nets low (31 in). SE court the best--has seen some maintenance. NE court--no net , overgrown. Reviewed 7-22-91. Welles Park. Montrose (4400N) and Oakley (2300W). 3 courts. Fast. Poor nightlights. Short backcourt. Reviewed 7-15-91. Chase Park. Ashland (1600W), just south of Lawrence (4800N). 4 courts. Nets: cord, good shape. Adjusters: winch/no handle. Surface: medium, some cracks, slight slope to net. Fence OK. Reviewed 7-21-91. Waveland. East of Lake Shore Drive off of Irving. Take Irving east, or the Drive to Irving, crossing under the Drive, and make a right. 20 courts--10 north and 10 south, separated by about a block. Public courts, with fees! Often overcrowded during peak playing hours. Can only schedule courts about an hour in advance, in person. Lights on south courts. Reviewed 7-15-91. Hamlin Park. Damen (2000W) and Wellington (3000N). 3? courts. Mid-Town T.C. Fullerton (2400N) and Damen (2000W). Commercial indoor facility started by Alan Schwartz. I played here many years ago. Nothing special except the prices. Reviewed c. 1974. Lakeshore A.C. 1320 W. Fullerton. Member says initiation fee $175 (waived) and $103 per month for tennis membership. Amended 8-24-2001. Wrightwood Playlot. Wrightwood (2600N), between Lincoln and Seminary (1100W). 2 courts. Lincoln-Diversey courts. 9? clay courts. A little tricky to find. Catch Lake Shore Drive West (the street St. Joseph's Hospital is on) from Cannon Drive or Belmont, and turn onto Diversey Dr. Weekdays 9AM to 8PM. Weekends and holidays 8 to 8. Resevations in person 7:30 AM, but not needed when courts are free. Fees:$9/hr., but clay is the best surface to play on, in my opinion. It's slow, cool, easy on the feet, and shoes and balls never wearout. If one of those behemoths with the booming serves regularly humiliates you with aces, you may want to invite him to play on clay to slow down his serve a bit. Reviewed 7-15-91. Oz Park. Larrabee (600W) and Dickens (2100N). 4 courts. Fence: OK. Lights: no. Surface: medium speed. Like Waveland, suffers from a high local population density. Reviewed 7-15-91. Touhy Park. Clark and Chase (7300N). 2 courts, rough surface. Reviewed 4-3-02.